Thursday, January 12, 2006

sitemeter, eh?

Hello, Gananoque, Ontario, Canada! I'm glad to see you found us! Especially by googling "Pure evil with great tits and nice ass!" I am nothing if not the answer to your prayers.

It's really quite amazing, Gan. May I call you Gan? The last time I saw you, see, I was but a young girl of 10. Maybe 11. I spent several summers as a lanky child in 1000 Islands, NY; and sometime in the 80's, I partook of a quick boat ride to visit our neighbors to the north. I wore Jams, and did not have the "great tits and nice ass" you are searching for this morning. I was, however, well on my way to becoming pure evil. Actually, that's a lie. But it was the only summer in my life that I could play the game of soccer with anything even resembling skills. I don't know that soccer has anything to do with being evil.

Did you see the potential in me even then, Canada? Did you know that someday, years later, you would look me up, because I was bound to be everything you hoped for? And so much more? Well played, Gananoque. Well played.


(PS. Guess who has tix to NP and B&S? Oh, that's right.)


Sommer said...

Which night are you going? I think I got the very last ticket for Sunday night, so I don't have an extra (so far) to bring a date and may need to meet up with peeps.

The Governess said...

I have no idea, but I'd totally be willing to meet up w/folks.

N; response s'il vous plait.

the Nabob said...


tom said...

I totally missed getting tickets. Argh. Oh well, not a huge B&S fan anyway.

I gotta say, I don't see you on the first search results page for that unimaginably awesome google search. But Matt Yglesias shows up at #5. So either way, my friends apparently have that particular corner of the internet covered.

The Governess said...

i didn't understand how it got to us either... it seems like a long shot. But, you know, now that I've put it out there, maybe I'll be giving mr. yglesias a run for his money. Pure evil/T&A Google-bombing.