Monday, January 30, 2006

I scanned stuff at lunchtime whilst I ate soup!

Here, my very stern Danish grandmother takes the scruff of my be-hatted mother. Also, a tiny purse. Also, why do suits like that not really exist anymore? Fierce. I would totally wear a suit like that, and draw lines up the back of my leg with eyeliner to fake stockings.

Here my very weirdly-pattern-baldness-ish baby mother contemplates eating a flower, or perhaps a bug. DC rowhouses prominently featured; local girlz rep'sent!

My friend Justin spends a lot of his life in LA unemployed, which provides him ample time to bid on vintage 21 Jump Street playing cards on EBay for me. I have the whole set so that when you turn the cards over and place them together, they make a poster-sized full-cast photo. Also, the gum in these puppies is fossilized!


the Nabob said...

you ate the rest of my soup? damnit.

The Governess said...

not the rest of it. SOME of it. plenty to go round.

The Duchess said...

He's gonna be very protective of that soup ya know. Seeing as it won the cook-off on Saturday

Drew said...

Was this prize-winning soup made from a 203-pound turtle? After last week's build-up, I'm going to be kind of disappointed if it wasn't.

The Governess said...

boo: turtleless
yay: but it is green
boo: from broccoli
yay: from broccoli!

I can't believe we're discussing oup, and not the above drawing of Johnny Depp.