Wednesday, January 11, 2006

riding in cars/boys

D says:
you would have loved this - i went to go see king kong, and before the movie they played the national anthem and we all had to stand at attention and it was called: National Anthem - A History, and they showed all this video and briefly showed WWI and WWII then they devoted 8/9 of the song to George Bush I and Desert Story and George W and 9/11 and Iraq

D says:

D says:
amazing trash

The G says:
i thought you wrote amazing FRESH

The G says:
so fresh, it's amazing.

The G says:
Also, I so wish it had really been called "Desert Story." Like "A Wedding Story" and all that. Now that's amazing trash.

D says:
i have no idea what you're talking about

* * *

Other stuff for you'ns:

- The Lilys play Black Cat 2/3 (listen to With Candy)
- Ted Leo writes showtunes.
- Stylus review of Apollo Sunshine, which I still don't think anyone in my house has purchased.
- I think I'm going to Vegas in Aprilish, so I probably need some slutty clothes that I can wear with great disregard and abandon in VIP rooms while cavorting with naked young models. Do women still wear glittery napkins as tops? Can a 74 year old ladee get away with that? The last time I was in Vegas and there were half-naked young models, I found myself at Tabu watching half-priced models strut their stuff for Playboys' new fashion line (?) and I was wearing Pumas. There had to be a rule broken there, somewhere. Help a girl out.


the Nabob said...

dude, you're nuts. Apollo sunshine was one of the only 2 CDs any one brought to New Years. It was in heavy rotation. You probs heard it 10 times.

The Governess said...


okay, but that makes sense.

The Governess said...

consider my problem with remembering music, please.