Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Pour out a little fr yr homey, the Reverend Bellewether Smacklesford. A mere year + 2 weeks after coming into possession of the little white trollop (that would be 2 weeks after the warranty expires, for all you math genii out there/those keeping track at home), and less than a month after spending $100+ to replace a shattered screen, the geeks whom the N. mailed it to called to inform us the very very very disheartening news: a bad hard drive. Death does not become her.

But I've got "GFP" tattooed across my washboard abs in Gothic/Old Eng. typeface, so I'll be purchasing a new one posthaste.

The N's earlier model? Crapped out logic board.

My brother's? Mysterious battery failure, never to be solved.

So best of luck and much congrats, G.p. And don't front. We all know you secretly own the Williams-Sonoma cookbook collection in it's entirety.

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