Wednesday, January 11, 2006


i meant that joke to be funny and lighthearted like that movie, you know, Spaceballs, but it came out cold and heartless, you know, like that movie Police Academy

((I totally forgot. DC NOSHERS: last night; Corduroy. For restaurant week, it was probably a pretty good deal. My mozarella thing was really tasty, but I love cheese. Unconfirmed that some people might be freaked out because it appears to have ratty hair on top, but welcome to CUISINE, uninitiated. [I only say this because of my aunt's aversion to Shredded Wheat.] The wine was decent. I had the scallops for entree. They were cooked perfectly. The sauce was a delicate creation of salt and sodium, garnished with brine. I et most of it up, but along with natural sea creatures saltiness + sauce, I drank more water then humanly possible and spent all last night a watery bloat. The creme brulee was nothing mind-blowing, but I am a great consumer/connoisseur of CB, so I am the picky. The service was great, friendly, and the wait for food was pretty minimal. It looked like they had definitely beefed up their staff for this week; there was only one empty table while we were there and at times it seemed like a fish tank - 2 swirling dervish staff to every patron. The company I kept was sensational. So, all in all, a B+++ or A- maybe? It was def. something to try, since I think for three of us, even with a forty dollar bottle of wine, split the check evenly and it was 60ish bucks or less with tip.))

Okay, go about your day. Find me some slutty Vegas clothes. Etc.

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