Friday, January 27, 2006

Owooo! Werevolves of Potomac Yard! Owwooooooo!

I played hooky yesterday and saw the noon showing of Underworld. And let me tell you, that’s some hot vampire on wolfman/vampire-hybrid action. The other twelve men (sitting alone, equal distant from each other in an otherwise empty theatre) seemed to enjoy the awkwardness as well.

There was a 6 year-old and his dad in front of me in the snack line. And next to us was a cardboard stand-up ad for that Bloodrayne* movie. As the child stared frighteningly at the giant Ben Kingsley head he said with startling cognizance:

Boy: I don’t think I should see that movie.
Father and Nabob in unison: I don’t think anyone should see that movie.

Then I yelled “JINX!” and the guy begrudgingly bought me a coke. I’m glad he understood the rules. He even upsized for 50 cents more and now I have a commemorative Tristan & Isolde plastic cup!

*I didn’t even know Bloodrayne was actually out in theatres but I guess it been showing for 3 weeks. Last week it was the 54th ranked film in the country, right behind a movie called Gay Sex in the 70’s.


nm said...

if the jinx part of the story is true, that is so amazingly awesome. i haven't gotten a coke out of a jinx since middle school. if it's not true, it's still awesomely funny.

tom said...

I saw that movie, too! A powerful allegory against mushy-headed liberal conceptions of penal reform. Werewolf recidivism is a fact, jack.