Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday IM: International edition

Homies in exotic locales, doing exotic things. If nerdling along on their Dell's can be considered exotic.

* * *

S: The Africa national cup in futbal is going on now so the hotel is booked solid.
S: I took a pic out my cab today because the truck next to me had a bunch of goats staring at me over the side of the truck.
S: Also there's a floating TGIFridays on the Nile. FLOATING. I tried to take a picture but we moved too fast.

* * *

D: attached is a photo of me and my new girlfriend. From Newfoundland.
D: she wears capes and boots and other crushed velvet attire
D: and is over three/three fifty, and shorter than me. which is pretty short.
D: she my new girlfriend. soon to be wife. all of Korea is jealous of me.
D: she's also the reason you haven't heard from your husband lately. She ate him.

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