Wednesday, January 25, 2006

it's a sailboat! it's a hamburger! it's a boomarang!

Someone dares to go there, and poses the question, "Has anyone actually ever been to Rosslyn's Spectrum Theatre? Have they ever shown anything besides 'Defending the Caveman?'"

Hi. My name is Saddy Face, and I have seen... yes... Puppetry of the Penis.

At the Spectrum.

I'm going to take a long lunch now. You know, eat a pretzel, walk the dog, empty out the hot water tank attached to my shower as I scrub the soul-sucking filth from my tainted body because my eyes have seen men doing shadow puppets with their wangs.

It was a long time ago. Repression. I thought it would never come up again.

I was wrong.


The Deceiver said...

Wife of DCeiver saw Puppetry of the Yin Yang at the Spectrum as well, though, in her defense, she's actually an excellent puppeteer--one of the few people you might meet in DC to have been at one time primarily compensated for pulling on tiny strings and such. And you should see her work the labia.

the Nabob said...

didnt your parents honeymoon in Rosslyn? Or at least go to dinner at that surf and turf/new orleans place the day they got married?

the Nabob said...

i just did a spit take reading the last line of the Deceiver's post

The Governess said...

My parents did, indeed, have their reception dinner at Tom Sarris Orleans House, Wilson Blvd, Rosslyn, in '71.


Kathryn Is So Over said...

I can see Orleans House from my office. Prefer to gaze elsewhere, like across the Potomac.

Despite my proximity to the Spectrum, I've never set foot inside. I do know four women who have seen Puppetry of the Pee Pee there, and none of them are mentioned above. You are not alone, G.

Sommer said...

I saw Puppetry of the Penis in L.A., at the Coronet Theatre, though in my defense, the Coronet Theatre is directly upstairs from one of my fav fantastically dingy dive bars, the Coronet. So really, I just went you know, casually, after too many beers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.