Wednesday, January 04, 2006

in a cabin on a hill/in Butcher Holler

I had weird dreams all night about black lung. I don't really feel like talking about it. So here:

- The Torch Marauder talks Metal. "I’m a proud member of the Iron Gang and I’ll continue to 'turn up at maximum volume level for true Metal feel' TO THE DEATH."

- The most fun voyeuring since what's-her-name made out with Andy what's-HIS-name in the corner of Dave's basement in 9th grade. ON THE POOL TABLE. (via JH)

- For K. (via sweetney)

- I am almost through ATHF Seasons III & IV. I'm considering this next.

- Pitchfork's Les Angles Morts review

- Potential solutions to recent trashcan issues? Besides electro-frying? Also, this guy's dedication to hair product is... intense.

In other news, I have reservations at Corduroy next Tuesday. Fancy.


tom said...

I've seen an episode of the Dog Whisperer. He's no Pet Psychic.

Drew said...

Corduroy? Oh man, totally forgot about Restaurant Week.

Also, true black-lung-related fact: As an intern in college, I played softball for the Federal Black Lung Project. We got to have goofy matchups like "Black Lung vs. National Flood."

Buncencia said...

So deliciously Glen Baxter. And plus? OPPROBRIUM?!?