Wednesday, January 18, 2006

bttrfly. socialus maximus


I have spent the entire day in J. Crew Suiting Line from head to toe, walking from Golden Triangle building to Golden Triangle building, carrying an umbrella and a faux leather portfolio and a giant fucking purse, stopping for a Mocha Double Something with the hubs between talk sessions about where I see myself in 5 years. I feel v. sweaty-harried-grown-up, and my feet report feeling v. pinchy. WHO AM I/CRISIS OF IDENTITY.

(PS: I did not see the gun at 19th and I? I am completes oblivious???????)

At one point, I hid in the fiction section at Borders, to kill 30 minutes.

I hate interviewing. But I report it went well, and mad skills are in demand, although I did get one hilarious: "Print design? People still do that? ???"


And then I came home, and took my dog to the park, and now I'm making barbeque. And blogging.

I am watching "Lost" tonight, then I am going to bed. It will be awesome. This is all I can give to you, DC. An early bedtime. It is for the best.

But listen! Tomorrow, I am going to dinner with people at 8, and then hitting up Cue Bar/DCist happy hour, late. Like, prob after the actual 9:00 end/deadline. Let's say 9:22 PM. Will you still be there, DC? Will you wait for me, DC? Because, DC, I will want a beer. Please stick around. The District, do not let it sleep alone tonight after the bars turn out their lights.

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