Monday, January 30, 2006

Dont' drink and Thank You Note

Please don’t consider this a speedy response to the awesome Toothpaste for Dinner T-Shirt. Thank you notes for Christmas gifts form Grandparents are being written on this late January night also. The only difference is I held off drinking until I got to yours. Thanks for the shirt. You missed a good time at the cookoff. Sorry you had to go skiing but you missed but there were some delicious dishes including some sort of jello Salad and a fried ice cream disaster. You missed much.
Good luck on the whole baby thing. Talk to you soon.


tom said...

bah. I've got a whole other day to write those things.

the Nabob said...

That's why I haven't written yours yet. It's a game of Thank You Note chicken.

And my shoelace is stuck on the clutch of this here tractor.

Kriston said...

Jello salad = ambrosia? Gross, but very necessary around the holidays.

The Governess said...

"Ambrosia" is what some people refer ot it as. Our peoples, our very awesome peoples, simply refer to it as "salad."

All foodstuffs west of the Miss/east of the Rockies seem to contain Jello, mayonnaise, cream cheese, or Cool Whip. Or some combo thereof. Required.

70000 ways of nast.