Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And nobody flinched down by the arcade

Like, 15 minutes ago? I drove K. back to her abode after eating some sandwich/beering/talking New Years stories. Right as I was dropping her off, she related how back home over the holidays, she started asking all of her hometown old school friends if they remembered the little Midget village in Milford, you know, with all the tiny houses they used to go and spy on as teenagers and then the little people would get mad and throw things at their cars? Remember those good times?

And she was confused because she got blank stares, like her HS peeps and possibly her sisters thought "Themselves, her head should start spinning in three..."

Okay, this is awesome. We have officially turned her into a NoVa-ite if she starts adopting TEENAGE MEMORIES OF FAIRFAX YOUNGINS AS HER NEW ENGLAND OWN. Dude, Midgetville* is totes Vienna. Please. Do not even front all Connecticut style on me.

Anyways, she is exceptionally cute and apologetic for trying to steal Midgetville** mems from the kids of the Commonwealth. Project Date My Best Friend*** is so on. Who's ready to fall in love go out for drinks with a Yank?

* (More on this.)

** (I know. There's no vertically-challenged people who live here. Or rat-faced men, or ladies with tails, or whatever. Just tiny houses. Be nice and stay away, you rascally hooligans.)

*** (she is going to kick my ass.)


Lady Jane Grey said...

Youz a pimp, G. In this case, literally. She will kick your ass though.

The Governess said...

i know.

thus far, may i mention, i have received no offers to fall in love with this girl.

what is wrong with you people.

Anonymous said...

uh, g., you don't *want* me to date your yank.

The Governess said...

KEEP YR HANDS OFF HER, banonymous.

Anonymous said...

gosh, g, you are not good at this game. you were *supposed* to say, "no, no banonymous; you'd be perfect for her! she likes smart and witty and waspy and possibly attractive(!) men such as yourself. here, let me give you her phone number and a brief physical description!"

see, that's what was *supposed* to happen.

Anonymous said...

just because this randomly came up as i was doing a search....i thought you should know that there is INDEED a midgetville (commonly referred to as the pygmy village) in connecticut. i know because, well i'm from CT and i've been there. though it is not near milford, but in fact the bristol/southington area. a couple miles from lake compounce (i know this all means nothing to you, but maybe a little interesting tidbit...)

Anonymous said...

...and little people ACTUALLY live there.