Tuesday, January 03, 2006

trashcan sinatra

So say someone needed to make a dog afraid of the giant kitchen trashcan, so said dog wouldn't knock it down the basement stairs in order to roll around in trash/glorious trash all morning. How would one go about doing such a thing?

1. Do you think putting a Frankenstein monster mask on the trashcan would work?
2. Does anyone have a Frankenstein monster mask they can lend me?

In related numbered list/Dog news, the dog is not afraid of these things:

1. Alarm that goes off when he jumps on the couch when we aren't home.
2. Me yelling.


tom said...

first thought: electrify the trashcan. Might take a little research, but probably not hard to do safely.

second thought: fill the trashcan with bricks, plus something smelly enough to be enticing. a few running tackles into that might convince brown dog to knock it off.

probably there are experts on trashcan/dog issues, though.

Murky Thoughts said...

Be alpha. Catch him or her in the act, flip the dog on his or her back clutch his or her throat tight while talking loud and forcefully in the deepest voice you can muster. I bet the dog will love you better for it. Dogs rarely know why we yell. Do you know why dogs bark? They're as likely to hear your yell as "pro" as "con." That's what I think, and I even think I read it somewhere. Pitch is much less ambiguous--high is nice and submissive, deep is tough and formidable.