Thursday, January 26, 2006

! ! !

Best line from an email, 1/25/06:

"I'm pretty sure he's not gay, so he must be super retarded."*

* * *

Hi! I would write more, but it's Friday, and all I really want to talk about with people is the Manchester/God parade (SEE BELOW), and everyone has pretty much rolled their eyes at this point and categorically refused to do participate in any such conversation. PEOPLE. JESUS WILL SING "LOVE WILL TEAR US APART."

! ! !

In other news, I think I've mentioned it's Friday. I am on high after winning the volleyball championship of the world last night (grand prize: acknowledged global volleyball dominance/forest green "SPORTSPLEX CHAMPION" teeshirts) I went and had a Wisconsin beer (unpronouncable/tasted like raspberry) at a teammates townhouse. He's a lawyer, and therefore we talked about crown moulding and granite countertops. YAWN.

So! It's Friday! I have no plans for tonight! I came to work with sopping wet hair and an attitude problem (slight)! My boss of only 6 more days n counting told me not to bother coming in next Friday!

I would say "life is radical," but I need to go to the dentist.

Okay, so Internet. If you are doing something fun tonight, do not leave me in the dark, watching shows on Oxygen by myself as my husband gambles away our crown moulding fund.

* Clarification, since apparently the N. assumes this comment is being made about him. One, it's not. B., it's not re: anyone I personally know. Three, I know the two are not always mutually exclusive. Four, yes, it does appear to be a comment from a 4th grader. So listen, all you gay super retarded folks out there should be worried, and the rest of you (my husband and friends and acquaintances and mailman and next door neighbor) can lighten up.


nm said...

plans for tonight: nethers, cedars and bicycle thieves at the 9:30 club. ta-da!

tom said...

plans for tonight: feeling sorry for myself beneath a pile of blankets. stupid head colds.

The Governess said...

on second and third thought, i think I'm grocery shopping. which is weird and yet, it has to be done.

boo. fell better tom.

tom said...

assuming that's a typo, thanks. and congratulations on your world championship.

The Governess said...

no seriously. fell better.