Tuesday, January 03, 2006

let's start this year off right, already

Breaking my '05 rule of not discussing work ever-so-briefly:

(If anyone knows of a job opening at their company, or their friend's company, or their great-aunt Mathilda's company, or the guy who rides the MetroBus with you in the morning's company, let me know. Anything marketing/PR/media/writing/communications related; heavy concentration in exhibit coordination/trade show guru-izing/event planning and/or internal corporate communications, let me know. Background in design/art directing and publishing. Prefer to stay in private sector at all costs. I am a jill of all trades in stuff such as this. Also, I am fun, smart, good to grab lunch with, educated, and hardworking, regardless of what persona this blog seems to present. Also, I have a resume to send you. It's sharp. When I write usually, you know, for RILL LIFE, I do not write in blog-style. I prefer something more sophisticated, natch. As an added bonus, I come bearing other special added bonuses, which I can reveal should you see my sparkling promise and email me. You're baffled, internets, I can tell.)

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