Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Water into Wine

"But why not have Kanye on the cross, with a boner, fucking a bag of gay Eucharist? Why not have the cross played by Terry Schiavo, and Terry Schiavo's life support machines played by the ghost of Hurricane Katrina? Why not have Pope John Paul II jerking off to it all?"

My favorite comment actually: "Your (sic) just mad that you aren't on ANY cover of ANY magazine. And you never will be." Also, the one where someone says he looks like he was attacked by a wolverine. Aces.


EDIT: Okay, and so I looked at the cover again? And instead of sporting some sort of ancient toga/robe, approp. for a martyr-on-a-cross, is Kanye wearing a ripped Cosby sweater? I submit yes.

The Passion of the West/NS's "Riff-Raff" (via JH)

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