Thursday, January 19, 2006


"dangerously naive propaganda piece whose logical arguments are quite dated."

I'm assuming this will appear in DC/local theatres after the 20th, and I'll bite - I'm intrigued. (thx Swtny)


More II. Director Eugene, brother of Andrew, who's Capturing the Friedman's won the same Sundance documetary prize (in '03, maybe?)

* * *

K. and I are IMing: How hard can it be to AVOID UPLIGHTING the "bad guy" on Lost last night? Becuase instead of looking truly evilish, like Ethan Rom kind of presented, he looked like an Aesops fable character/centaur. The beard looked fake. Shit, even the dirt on his face looked fake.

* * *

GWAR action figures!

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" Maybe after 15 years in Hollywood, survival is the only skill you really have." Uhhh. Okay. Pauly C.? Please, never end another article with a "Hollywood is totes such a hard place to be/EXIST in, MAN, you have no idea. I lived there when I was trying to be a FILMMAKER. It was IN. TENSE. Dude. LA" sentence again. Ever. WE KNOW, already.


Drew said...

Why We Fight=complete and total Tortoise earworm.

Anonymous said...

pics of Beefcake