Monday, January 09, 2006

And then she asks me/Do I look all right

1. seems relatively spectacular. But I am semi-ignant when it comes to such crazy future things like "internet" and "music." For rills. So, opinions? Has anyone been using for a while? Reports? Challenges? There used to be that other site... shit, what's it called. The blue and orange website? That was the same theory as this? Personal music profiles? It was a few years ago? I can't remember. Anyways, I want to hear about L.Fm happiness, people.

2. Sundays are sad and make me want to cry, because they mean (MEAN!!! grrr) the weekend is over. Sunday nights are poop. This resulting bluesbrain might be because I didn't leave my house on Saturday, and spent Sunday at a MALL, which makes me insane because those of you who know me know my big frights in life, in this order:

1. being buried alive underground like in The Vanishing, or that one CSI episode
2. claymation
3. shopping malls

Anyways, all those things make me sad and scared and anti-social, and then lead to me watching "Miami Ink" marathons and feeling sorry for myself. Tonight, however, I go to the gym. Tomorrow, I go out to dinner with nice people at a place that has linen napkins. Thursday, my volleyball team (who made the PLAYOFFS, natch) is going to kick some white ass.

3. Is there anything more excellent than prom photos? Esp. those from the early '90s? A mental snapshot for you: I once had a promenadetastic mental mindfuck involving hot pink Dyeables from Kinney's complete with rhinestone clip-ons. SHOE JEWELRY, people.


I will leave it at that.


Drew said...

I've used Audioscrobbler/ for a bit. It seems to track my music listening (at least the music I listen to on my computer) pretty well, although it definetly chokes on improperly tagged mp3s. Basically, it confirms that I listen to tons and tons of Wire.
My site is here:
I don't really have any complaints about Last.FM, I just don't really find it very useful.

topic15 said...

You know what I hate most about sundays? That damn ticking clock from sixty minutes...tick tick tick I'm mike wallace you're weekends over.

ilb said...


The Governess said...

WOXY, previously owned by distant family members by marriage. OBVS!!!!!