Monday, January 30, 2006

the ice of boston

(One other thing: Sitemeter drives the fact home, none of you are from Boston. But if you were, or you were thinking about being near Boston this week, or maybe have a VI business meeting in Boston, and instead of drinking at some sort of downtown Boston faux pub/Cheers inspiration, say on Wednesday night, you could think about buying tickets to this instead. Craig Finn et al are here in DC on Wednesday night, so your excuses are pretty lame. Boston, you have nothing better to do this week! Or so I haughtily assume.

[Re: the gallery: I pretty much love everything but the sonic fabric, which kind of looks like nothing more than a painters tarp one would buy at the Despot. Apologies, Mz. Santoro. I'm sure yr fashion talents just lie elsewhere.])


oh, yeah, and grandaddy broke up.

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