Monday, January 16, 2006

king death mask

1. I need a Burger King mask, if someone can please help me find one for v. v. cheap. Thanks.

2. I usually make it an Unspoken Rule to not post pics of myself on this herrr blog, but I just found 22 polaroids in the bottom of my tote from New Years. They are hilarious because they are for our "death scene" artboards or whatever, pre-prod New Years zombie-car-crash-movie. There are many 'roids of us three girls, with eyeliner-X's over our eyelids and lipstick blood running down our chins. Even more exist on digital camera, still as of yet un-downloaded (I am lazy.) Anyways, our total death mask poses are hilarity to the extreme, and way more entertaining than anything I've been actually writing lately, and look nothing like us (unless "us" of course were ZOMBIES.) We'll see.

Later on that night I realized K. and LJG played an hour or more of drunk Spit, yelling and slapping cards, still wearing zombie/death makeup.

My New Years was pretty fun this year, I may have mentioned.


topic15 said...

Any luck on finding one of these? If you happen to stumble across a stockpile, or someone who has 2, let me know, cause I would totally nun-chuk someone for one of those.

The Governess said...

i am thinking, as most things, ebay.