Thursday, January 12, 2006

temple of the dog

(Will someone please adopt her already? She is Brown Dog's female twinsicle, and this breed, although constantly hungry for particleboard and plastic bags, is tres adorable. They will willingly snuggle on a couch, and burp in your face. BD and her look so much alike, with that saddy face and big ole lovely paws. Awwww. I've already named her Susie, in my mind. Also, I want my dog to have a girlfriend. Well, as much of a girlfriend as a balless creature can have. Playdates, people. BD shares kongs very nicely.

Look, it's either you get her, or I keep talking about buying a farm for all these damn things, and A) there are no farms in Alexandria City and B) potential divorce/committment to mental facility by spousal unit. He's already called me crazy three times today.)

* * *

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