Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Your Source for Craig Finn Stalkerazzi News

So the Nabob, bless his heart and his ability to put up with max amount of my whining and snorting and snuffling and throat-clearing, brought home a new CD recently. Oh, my little parakeets, go sit a spell and have a listen.

In related news, tying everything musical in life in a nice, neat, fuschia be-ribboned package: The Hold Steady, who apparently hate me, are playing Washington & Lee (but refusing to stop in the nation's capital). They'll be in Lexington on 10/1 with The Thunderbirds are Now! and Earlimart. Anyone up for a roadtrip through the Valley? The leaves might not be changing yet, but I promise a good time and cheap beer.

Second and even better news: some of you rat bastards are moving to Chicago.

Chicago, IL
Logan Square Auditorium
Thunderbirds are Now! w/ The Constantines & The Hold Steady

And the Constantines! I hate you people.

* * *

Chicago Tales: My friend TR moves to Chicago. TR meets a new neighbor, a cute girl. TR gets manic/nervous, probably starts OCDly picking at his skin or fluttering his fingers in the air like "Nell" or something. TR proceeds to talk too much/too rapidly to new girl, who is idly lying across the steps of her porch, smoking and probably being much cooler than TR. She asks him how he's enjoying the city and what he's been up to, general nice neighborly I'm-acting-interested-because-I'm-polite-chit-chat, and he tells her that he took a few hours to walk around and do some jogging that morning, to explore his new city. The girl asks if TR ran down near the lake.

TR says: "There's a lake?"

Bah dum dum. Friends, please let me know if I did not get this story right, because the last form of communication I actually received first-hand from TR was a text message that said "HAVE YOU SEEN 'SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?' Because RAD." Nothing about a lake. Either way, everytime someone mentions Chicago nowadays, the first thing I think is: "there's a lake?"


catherine said...

yes! i've been wanting to see the hold steady FOREVER. thanks for the tip.

The Governess said...

totally. unfair. catherine.

stupid chicago and their stupid lineups that are stupid.

and stupid.

have fun. pout.

brett said...

uh, g., i'll be there the week before (homecoming and what have you), but 10/1 is going to run up against georgia v. arkansas. (and yes, the leaves will be out by then)

The Governess said...

i should have figured as much.