Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pale = Hot

The Governess' favorite time of the year is upon us yet again: Back to School. She recently admitted to feeling repressed glee at seeing the TV commercials because August means new folders and 64 Crayola sets with built in crayon sharpeners. (By the way, Mom, Dad? Where is my old Trapper Keeper, the one with my Canseco and Griffey Jr rookie cards? And the 1st Series Garbage Pail Kids? I'm not looking in the attic because it's way too hot. It can wait until October.) It also means all my bum teacher friends' vacations are over. And by vacation I mean the job he took driving around the re-enforced tractor that picks the balls up at the driving range. Did you know you can get cited for drunk driving doing that? Neither did he.

One of the commercials now back in heavy rotation is the Missy/Goth Dell spot. It shows two girls on their first day moving into the dorm together.

It first aired last year but Dell busted their advert budget on Cheryl Crow this year, so they had to recycle.

In it you've got Goth...

Hi. I represent any number of the 20 years of a punk subculture spanning from Joy Division to Evanescence.

And you've got prep...

Hi. I represent 20 years of Langley High School.

The spot shows that no matter how different we are we can still forge a bond over our similar laptops. The ad is obviosuly aimed at adults who can identify wide cultural trends without having to really understand what they represent. Actually, most commercials do that. I guess I don't know what it's aimed at.

But here's my question. Am I betraying generations of of Danish/German heritage by finding the goth girl way more attractive than the blonde? Am I wrong finding her alluring? I mean, the commercial seems to indicate that she has a boyfriend, but I bet that won't last now that she's gone off to school and he has to stay home and work at his dad's lamp store. I doubt she'll even go to the freshman orientation party so maybe I can catch Gothie back in her room. I know if I got the chance she'd fall for me and dump that black fingernailed, Cradle of Filth-listening toolbox.

Side note...

I watched a ton of CNN trying to catch this stupid commercial for the screen captures, during which I saw this gem...

Thanks JB for the capture.

18 times the speed of light, eh? Someone better tell Zefram Cochrane.


The Governess said...

she's probably all your sfor th elow cost of one dragon pendant.

man, i love goth chicks.

A Unique Alias said...

Goth chicks win every time. They've got an implication of depth.

The Governess said...

i think it's funny that given the choice, yr beloved resembles Missy.

(i bet missy's secret favorite song is "love will tear us apart." I have faith in missy.)