Wednesday, August 24, 2005

G vs E

The commercial for the new Terry Gilliam moving picture has a tagline referring to it as either the epic or final or ultimate "battle of good versus evil." Guh. Let us hope that Gilliam had some control over the marketing and the phrase was used ironically, it being the most played out of all Hollywood potboiler.

However, it probs played out like this: Terry, a few weeks back, is busy working his next project but he's being nettled by the studio to come up with a tagline. Having wrapped production on Grimm and dismantled the malfunctioning MattDamonbot, he had moved on to Tideland. There's not the time to worry about taglines. But, bloody hell, they don't stop calling. Alright! How about "an epic battle between good and evil" he suggests out of vagary with his best mock moviefone voice and hangs up. They love it.

A quick groooogle search shows that these other movies have recently been tagged an ultimate BBGAE,

Star Wars
Cinderella Man
Carrie 2
The Exorcist II
Lord of the Rings

Oooh, and my favorite...

Mary Reilly - "The Battle between Good and Evil has many Victims...and one Witness!" Julia Roberts!

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