Friday, August 19, 2005

Bill Murray, wet clothes, etc.

The Nabob is pokering it up tonight. Who wants to go see "Broken Flowers" with me?

It's my last day of dog-free independence, people. After the movie, I'm planning on going home to do laundry, so you'll have plenty of time to booze it up post-cinema without me, if you so desire.

(PS. Attention all you DINKS out there: I know you probably own this chair. Admit it, we all do. Anyone ever tried to wash the the cover? It says it's machine washable, but I am not thoroughly convinced.)

* * *

Completely unrelated, but I just found out that Mike Mahaffey (brother of Matt) of Self passed away in late May. He played bass on "Paint by Numbers" my favorite off of "Breakfast with Girls." It wasn't really reported anywhere, that's my excuse for lack of knowledge. Very sad.

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Lady Jane Grey said...

Don't do laundry; laundry is bad for you. Drinking with the Lady Jane Grey, on the other hand, is a cure-all. Come find me in Dupont after your movie!