Friday, August 26, 2005

-Keeper, -Worm, -Ends, -Of Common Prayer

I'm keeping "What I've Been Meaning to Read but Haven't Got Around to it Yet Because of Cable and Dog Park Attendance" list.

"Oh The Glory of it All" - Sean Wilsey
"My Friend Leonard" - James Frey
"Specimen Days" - Michael Cunningham
"Collapse" - Jared Diamond
"Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green" - Joshua Braff
"War Trash" - Ha Jin
"How We Are Hungry" - Dave Eggers
"Nice Big American Baby" - Judy Budnitz

I'm obviously very heavy on the young-hip-max obnoxious-Eggerish crowd, so help me. Any others to suggest or add? Any to suggest I delete, immediately? I think I have at least two or threee memoirs on this list too (ugh), and 2 short story compilations, so I'm in need of some serious fiction. "The Historian" isn't high up on my list really, but something similar to that could do.

* * *

Fartsy junk:

- Blur made the list.

- Unhealthy obsession with color? Try here and here.


Kriston said...

I just picked up Marc Estrin's The Education of Arnold Hitler, based on the author's performance in an NPR inverview. I haven't cracked it yet, but the guy sounded very Mark Twain funny.

cuff said...

I read specimen days. I enjoyed it, but it's not compelling to me for some strange reason. Interesting ideas, though. I am currently reading the Eggers collection. He reminds me of Hemingway in his prose style but with a postmodern sensibility. Even the structure of the collection is reminiscent of In Our Time.

Lady Tiara said...

that guardian list would be a lot more impressive if they got the artists' names right. it's william holman hunt people, not richard. why do they hate stanley spencer? and horrors, apparently, i am deeply unfashionable in my liking of blur.