Tuesday, August 16, 2005

the power of positive thinking

Here's kind of how August has been going for yr girl:

I have three or four entries I'm working on for pygblog, but can't complete. I've started seven or 8 books recently, have not finished a single one. I am in desperate need of work clothes/new tank tops, and have less interest in shopping than I usually do, which is a mighty low. I refuse to iron. I did manage to go to the grocery store last night; and then came home and laid on the basement floor (all wrapped in a blue-n-green afghan that I always thought was made by Nabob's gramma, instead: thrift store! Eww!) and watched "Remember the Titans." I cannot remember the last time I A) vacuumed or B) cooked a meal. I'm not really sleeping well.

A co-worker who I don't usually talk to just came by my desk and hissed I hate this place with such venom I actually got the chills.

I don't really dig astrology but I read somewhere that Mercury's been in retrograde, so that seems as good an excuse as any.

Better news: I get a pet in 96 hours or so.


the Nabob said...

pet = even less vacuum, cooking, cleaning. And more poo. yeeeaaah!

The Governess said...

poo! yes!

Lady Jane Grey said...

Hopefully, you'll get a rapper forced to do community service to handle pet-poo duty around your household.

The Governess said...

"all right, let's go pick up poop."

the Nabob said...

Enough. Too many Simpson quotes today already.

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