Wednesday, August 17, 2005

this flag signals... goodbye

I get it, WaPo. News is slow in August. After Gaza updates, the 2nd-in-command headline on your website right now is about Ipods. I imagine writers citywide are slouched over their keyboards this afternoon- thirsting for something, anything. Please, for the love of God, send us a story!

BUT TWO ARTICLES, LIBBY? Complete with puns?!?!?!

MGod, I

Oh No, II

(Insert:: comment here about the absurdity of of spending this much money for cotton/comment on absurdity of clothing labels and costs in general/comment on Swavorski crystals? on my ass?/comment on sigh, i just don't have the same interests as other people and why should I care if this is how people choose to spend their money? I'm sure denim makes some people very happy/comment on personal belief that "Sex and the City" is responsible for many evils esp. pertaining to a certain age range/gender in the U.S./comment-tangent on sigh, what's with my hating on SITC; I mean, I like my television more than anyone in the world, so who am I to judge/comment on BRAIN IMPLODING INTO A BLACK HOLE, BLACK LIKE RAW DENIM.

But seriously- I also cannot fathom patronizing a shop that admittedly doesn't cater to women over a certain size. Fuck that shit.)

I had planned on writing a huge entry about the Lutheran church today, but nevermind.

P.S. It's really nice outside today, I'm drinking on the porch of Galaxy Hut, like, 2 hrs! (See you there, short people will probably be DJing!) But if I had a bike, I'd totally go ride bikes with someone.

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