Thursday, August 11, 2005

And I mean Margo Dydek big...

Congratulations to SO'h and CS!

Their latest project dropped August 10 and early reviews are proclaiming it's going to be big. 9+ lbs. big. I don't know much about parturition, but I have to imagine that being a week late in the middle of August was a blast.

While the arrival of Meghan Riley is wonderful news for most, it's horrible news for the flag football team. If you can throw an accurate spiral at least 50 yards and like getting up early on the weekends, drop a dime, because we need a new gunslinger.

Division III level or higher required.



The Governess said...

Dude, finally.

9 POUNDS. Holy crap.

brett said...

former d3 linebacker for rent, cheap. no arm, but good for coverage.

and 9 pounds isn't that bad. the story of my own natal day (at 10 lbs, 8 oz) involves a 300+ pound nurse in atlanta looking through the viewing window -- with my father standing right there -- and exclaiming, "oohwee, I wouldn't wanna be the woman to have that baby!"

the Nabob said...

I have a friend who came in at over 14. He was born on the same day as another 15 pounder. Then there was one other normal kid who was 7 lbs.

Looking through the glass, the father of the normal kid thought there was something horribly wrong with his kid.