Monday, August 22, 2005

Itchy and Scratchy

I am more allergic to mosquito bites than the average bear. Bordering on violently. I don't stop breathing or anything, but my skin swells and stretches and bruises, and it's getting worse as I get older.

Newsflash: very very near my house is an assload of West Nile, hidden in the drainage pipes and swampy areas of a Civil War fort/park that we walk Santa's Little Helper in. Sweeeeet.

In keeping with PIAB tradition, where we use cartoon characters to accurately illustrate our innermost thoughts and feelings, I present to you: Me, as represented by an adorable Japanese icon adopted by socially retarded twenty somethings world-wide (apologies if that's you. I'm sure your Hello Kitty collection is different.) The red circles highlight my current West Nile hotspots:

Her legs have that all-one-size look like mine do! From the swelling!

Anyways, I itch, and now one thigh is bigger than the other.

* * *

Other stuff:

They need to put these in airports. FOR REAL THOUGH.

The Pixies and getting back together.

Idaho: getting popular

Congrats. We here at PIAB don't even know how to spell Fullbrite. See?


catherine said...

totally off topic, but: went to john, had much success! now i just need to recreate whatever the hell he did to my hair yesterday after i shower.

The Governess said...

therein lies the rub. when i make my millions, i'm quitting and spending every 3rd morning at the salon.

any day now.