Wednesday, August 03, 2005

see a little light

1. Al Shipley's review up on Stylus. I was never a huge Posies fan (and you KNOW huge Posies fans - the kind of messy kids that spent most of the early 90s inking "23s" all over their 2-pocket folders.)

[weird tangent/Posies-related memory- Associating certain music w/ certain places in life's personal warpy space-time continuum: Oldie-disappeared-friend Greg, now a Musician cavorting around Switzerland (last i heard?), was one of those aforementioned kids. I had known him for years, somehow we ended up at the same college. Him and a I and a girl named Lauren (always wore a vintage leather coat, angry at the world, classical guitar major), piled into a 4th person's car on Tuesday night, and ended up in the basement of Tokyo Rose where Greg had gotten us on the "guest list." (?) Greg spent the entire night performing odd little duets with Ken Stringfellow, and I pet Juliana Hatfield's dog. Then we hung out with Greg's sister, and drove home at 3 AM. The friend driving got a speeding ticket on Rt. 64. That is the memory I have of the Posies: cops on a dark, dark night; "Solar Sister." The end.]

2. Opinions?

3. Favorite thing: More in the Monitor

4. I just got an email from an address @ It was offering me a job. I'd like to think this wasn't spam, but instead: a sign.

PS. How come no one's ever written "Beowulf: the Musical?"

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