Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Black Eyed Pees

Feel Good Tuesdays!!!

Oh, CNN.

Oh, Richmond.

Oh, humanity at large.

(PS, what with all the pants wetting lately?)

EDIT: Oh my god, have these computers possibly been used by Henrico County HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!!!!!????!!!! (Thanks for pointing this out, S.) Can you imagine the depths of angsty lit-mag poetry on these bad boys??? Here's hoping for not-so-thoroughly-scrubbed hard drives. I mean, raise your hand if you didn't set fire to everything you wrote in high school. If you didn't, you probably should have.


the Nabob said...

Damn you Governess! I was waiting for the Ricmond TV stations to post this on their site before I linked to it. I saw one earlier and the fonts for the people's names were as followed:

Don Graf/Looking For Bargain
Starletta Wilson/Was Ran Over
Josh Bland/Wasn't So Lucky

Was ran over.

The Governess said...

Done Ran Over and Good.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

I think this may be my first comment here, ever, and it will be to say:

I am a product of the Henrico County school system. Seriously.

But this sh-t? Outta control. I guarantee you no Henrico County folks were at the freaking RIR wetting themselves to get cheap iBooks.

That's what I'm going to hold on to anyway.

The Governess said...

I just want to see what's on the harddrives. My guess is that at least ONE has several years worth of Livejournal entries.