Monday, August 29, 2005


I usually avoid any blogs that are wholly NYC-centric, simply because I don't understand. I like NYC! I like my friends who live in NYC! I like strangers in NYC too! I am just not hipster enough for such a fascinating place, have never really wanted to live there, and I end up reading NYC blogs and then shaking my Nebraaska-mom haircut in confusion more often than not. I don't speak the language, but I come in peace, New York, to spend my tourist dollars and gaze at your provocative young inhabitants.

A few years ago I stumbled upon Stephanie Klein's blog, and then never read it again. Forgettable at best, and, uh... forgettable at worst. And, I always kind of thought it was satire. (Apparently not, by the way - that's her actual life. Ooookay. This is where things get totes meta- I thought it was satire, and then someone came along and satired the satire, but then it turns out is wasn't satire afterall. The first satire, I mean. Oy.)

Just because I am a weasel, when Tale of Two Sisters came out, a little piece of my ornery heart did a tiny jig of glee. I like gumption; and it's well known: I like fake blogs even more. And besides, why take yourself so seriously? It leads to early death (scientifically proven! I esp. like how your "health plan should include a comedy show"), and I'm sure their audience won't hurt your book sales. The demogs, kitten, have got to be quite different.

NOTE/What I Was Getting At: I crush on the TMFTML. Even more hilarious than the real sordid affair. And by sordid, I mean... not really sordid at all, because it's about BLOGS, homies.

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