Thursday, August 18, 2005

every dude i went to high school with are in these bands

Here's another one for you: Don't be Phantom Planet.


the Nabob said...

Sweet. Time to dust off the old Brahma Pit t-shirt.

tom said...

Okay, now you're kidding me. I also own Brahma Pit t-shirts. Do you know George was working at Arax in Westover last year? Might still be... helping friends get it off the ground, apparently.

I need more of those shirts. One's hem came out, one is too large, and I burned a hole in the sleeves of one by using it to remove a pie from the oven.

Also, shame revealed: I sort of almost like Phantom Planet.

Worse shame revealed: actually the CD of theirs that I bought sucked, and I actually just like the themesong to The OC.

The Governess said...

if you like PP, then take this helpful advice: never, ever, ever see them in concert. It's indeed, a SHOW, and not in the way you'd think.