Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Like PogoBall, without the ball

I've got an idea. Let's take the most ridiculous exercise device ever to grace you grandparent’s rec- room and make it popular again. But we'll need to give it a new name so people won't remember what it is. Something the kids will identify with. You know, something illsnotic.

Um, those bikes that have giant fans for front wheels? No, they blow around too much cat hair.

How about those metal exercise coils that you stretch across your chest? No, your younger brother will use it tie you up right before he lets the air out of your new bike tires and steals a pirate ship.

I got it! Mini-trampoline!



tom said...

All that for less than $120? They're practically giving it away!

I thought the link was going to go to those spring-loaded stilt things. I saw two guys at the foggy bottom metro doing flips on those things. Pretty awesome.

The Governess said...

Not really the same category but- Pogo Sticks: Wave of the Future.

Like that kid we saw last night? Pogo stickin it in the parking lot. Awwww, yeah.

the Nabob said...

speaking of pogo kids...

you should tell the world of our sad neighbor and his tennisball that wins races.