Friday, August 05, 2005

TGI. uh. P?

a list of things I like that start with the letter P:

- Puppies
- Pigs
- Parrots
- Pygmalion blog-thing
- Paradise Hotel, jokes about*
- Poltergeist, how I used to look like the girl from **
- Pest control services
- Pterodactyls
- Pirates
- Portia de Rossi
- Pancake Mountain

OMGWTF n stuff, can you tell how insanely dull my day was? Verily. I'm barely conscious.

I'm leaving for the beach now, I promise.

* so we were in Belize a year or two ago and were staying next to the place where they filmed the original Temptation Island, (the one with the insane looking red-head named mandy?) And so, one of us had to explain to the other one what Temptation Island even was. Because one of us watches shit like that sometimes. This has very little to do with Paradise Hotel, and yet everything to do with programming like Paradise Hotel.

** true story


topic15 said...

Don't forget Paw Paw Bears presents, pickles and polydactyl cats

The Governess said...

dude, polydactyl cats are EVERYWHERE. Polydactyl cats are the new black.