Monday, August 15, 2005

I correctly guessed "Sneaker Pimps"

Sometimes you go away for a weekend and get too much sun and drink a tad, sometimes this leads to questioning God, and ridiculous one-sided coversations about creationism and the comparison of "waves crashing" to "the end of childhood."

I'm also 1000% more stupid then when I left, because someone brought a trash bag full of People and Us magazines. Also, the Vanity Fair where Angelina Jolie talks about "taking many lovers."

God. I promise it will wear off soon, just give me a day to recuperate.

Overheard Best-ofs, 8-12 through 8-14.

Re: a confederate flag raft in the distance:
It's not hate, it's flotation.

Re: juvy drinking games, where one category topic was "types of birth control": condom, Pill, rhythm, IUD, abstinence, collecting comic books.

Re: names of pornos that are alterations of real movie titles:
"Saving Ryan's Privates," "Sperms of Endearment," uh.... "Mr. and Mrs. Smith...Fuck?"

EDIT: Also, we spent a significant amount of times eating popsicles and watching an Animal Planet program called "World's Craftiest Animals." It was about squirrels and how they can master difficult obstacles courses just to get one peanut.


the Nabob said...

I believe it's "Sperms of Endearment"

The Governess said...

that's what i meant.

topic15 said...

I was thinking terms of endowment. Other classics include "Honey, I blew everyone" and "Edward Penishands"