Thursday, August 04, 2005

ComiCon 06: My house

The G: If I had a superpower, it would be hate.

LJG: Nice. I myself have a great image of me as the character WINO WOMAN! She's all like mild-mannered and librarian like during the day. Then, when a building is on fire in Metropolis, she super-powers up and puts on her purple cape and gets wasted and goes and wanders around the scene of the disaster babbling nonsensically and falling and drunk-dialing ex boyfriends. All while never actually saving anyone or doing anything good. ever.

LJG: the worst part is, i'm so lazy and such a bad employee that i'm now drawing a picture of: The adventures of HateMonger and WinoWoman. In MS Paint. Holla!

The G: I'm in 1000%. The building? Would probably burn to the ground. My eyes would shoot lasers of pity and sarcasm, laced with bitterness and regret. And then I'd probably get drunk too, cause what's more fun than an angry drunk? Sigh. Wino Woman, after a lifetime of friendship and fighting ignoring crime, at some point one of us will have to turn on the other, and then battle to the death, I fear. It's the only way. At least in the graphic novel world.

The G: Can my costume be flannel pajama pants and a teeshirt? I don't do vinyl bustiers. I don't think.

* * *

PEE ESS: If you ain't reading (see last link on right menu 4 pony love) then you is stupido. I was laughing like, I don't even know what, last night. In the very beginning of the 00s, when I had a job with oodles of time and software, my own office, and a soul; I used to collage Hello Kitty characters drinking and doing bad things with other HK characters and then email them to people like La Bella Mafia for cheap laughs. I bow to the master. Princess Sparkle Pony is all that and a bag of chips and just, beats my ass to the ground in an unholy battle of skillz. Crap, dude. So funny.

PEE ESS ESS: How many google searches will I now get for "pony love?" We're taking estimates here at HQ.


Lady Jane Grey said...

Remember when we used to realtime collaborative drawing via IM?? It was Yahoo Instant Messenger + Paint. That = best. idea. ever. Some great pony pictures came out of that.

Lady Jane Grey said...

P.S. I really have to post more now so that my Internets legacy isn't an MS Paint picture of WinoWoman.

The Governess said...

that's a brilliant legacy. I mean, truly.

I want WinoWoman on the church program cover at my funeral. A tasteful picture of her, maybe done in pastels.