Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who would have thought Googling “January 13 2007 dc leather” would get me the exact answers I was looking for on my first search?

When I was about 12 years old, my grandfather’s new wife’s son came to stay with us during our vacation. He and his friend took the D and I to the Go-Kart park and predictably became our new favorite step uncle. Later that night, as I laid in bed with those blissful Bumper Boat visions replaying in my head, I overheard some adult conversation through the paper thin beach house walls.

It was the first time I understood that when grownups used the word “gay”, it meant something different from the way my friends and I used it.(re: not followed by the word wad.)

The second time I understood something was gay was when Captain Harris and Proctor went to the Blue Oyster Bar. Or a place “featuring patrons dressed up as bikers in leather clothing, sailors, and other gay fashion archetypes made famous by the members of the Village People” as Wikipedia so matter-of-factly phrases it.

The third time was tonight as I drove through Thomas Circle on what seems to be National Rob Halford Day. I don’t really know how I missed that this weekend is Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend 2007. I have totally not been reading the right blogs.

PS - This is the site’s first entry ever completely hand-written on a Motion tabulate with a stylus. It took 13 hours and the first draft ws completely incomprehensible.


tom said...

I remember seeing flocks of leather-clad guys walking in unison through Thomas Circle toward something (a hotel ballroom?) around this time either in '06 or '05. I guess that the convention is here every year. Pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

on the PS.....glad to hear you are using a Motion Tablet. Sorry it took you 13 hours to complete it.
I am a rep for Motion. Its nice to see them pop up in unexpected places.
Good luck!