Monday, January 08, 2007

same old theme since 1916

Now that is what I call a weekend, kittens.

Friday: pizza and wine; post pizza-n-wine, bellying up to a bar w/ yr spouse to quiz each other on sports teams (I know nothing about hockey, and yet have managed to somehow imbed most cities hockey team names in my pea brain. Edmonton Oilers? How did I know that? Remain amazed.) Saturday: waking up early to put on shorts (!!!) and head to the S Valley to hike the last day of hunting season, which may have been a slight miscalculation on our parts, but which led to lots of friendly conversation and hound dog ogling and a side trip to a big game weight station (kind of awesome.) Also we got to see J&T's new house in the 'burg, which is freaking adorable as all hell. The dogs got to run around in the back yard, we got to drop off a long overdue wedding gift and talk about wainscoting. Then we drove home and saw "Children of Men," which was okay, but after finishing World War Z* in the car and then seeing that film OKAY, I am done with the whole apocolyptic-self-desruction genre for a while. Then on Sunday we went to see if God could save our souls at the Church of St. Slut (more later on if this worked), came home and did laundry, and K. dragged my ass out to see the Societe Anonyme show at Phillips before it closed. And then we had people over to eat meatloaf and drink more wine. Meatloaf, people. Paradise by the Crockpot light.

Mondays can go die.

* More on the N and I's fabulous discussions re: this book later. It deserves it's own entry blog convention.


Kanishka said...

World War Z was outstanding. I'm STILL pissed off that we weren't given any more clues as to what happened to the North Koreans. And the masses of zombies on the ocean floor thing, well, that's pretty great.

The Governess said...

I KNOW!!!!

The N and I decided we wanted to know more about what actually happened in China during the whole submarine-thing. (when the dam broke, etc )

According to the N, Brooks previous book (the zombie survival guide) talks more about the actual cause of the outbreak (virus dev. by the Japanesse or whatever.)

The Governess said...