Sunday, January 28, 2007

update/lunch date

After an 11 or 12 hour workday, weI was all glazedy eyed. We opted for a gallon of ice cream and "Idiocracy" Friday night. I laughed once or twice, which probably means I'm a bad person.

Last night K & S & I attempted to be involved in the DC Counter Culture Festival. In actuality, it meant missing everything that was going on as we sat at the front bar and downed some pitchers. Hey, question. Hasn't Dr. Dremo's been closed for the past five years? Or are they just always teetering on the edge? Or were we drankin at a ghost bar last night?

Oh, wait. We did see a few minutes of a screamo-bluegrass-punk (?) outfit. The lead singer had an accordian and the crowd ranged from 2 guys in matching blazer outfits (it was kind of rad, they looked like twins and were dressed alike????) and a dude in a three-sizes-too-small homemade Iggy Pop hoodie. And some capes and top hats.

Also, I tried to explain what "rockabilly" was, and I don't think I did a great job. So, here.

Off to go make lasagna more complicated than it actually is, and clean bathrooms. We're having people over for lunch. Who does that? We do, apparently.

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