Thursday, January 04, 2007

today on yr interwebs

1. This before bedtime --> epic nightmares. It's not even gory or anything, but my imagination is apparently vivid.

2. My bro randomly appears on random strangers Flickr sites randomly everywhere, random. Chitown! It's apparently genetic, Avent.

3. Galaxy Hut does not currently have Allagash White on tap, only bottle. They have replaced it with Allagash Grand Cru, I think. I took the last White bottle last night, probably for the entire week. I am allowed to do that, and am only sort of sorry. It was delicious.

4. Working out the amazing details re: The D's Valentines Day Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling Sock Hop Under the Sea Dance at the "Cardozo High Annex/Voc Tech Wing." Keep 2/10 open.

5. Agreed I am a goose, and hilarious that Mr. 'Ver was the only blahger to catch the best mistype EVER IN THE HISTORY OF YNG PIAB; and secondly: I will pay good US bank to see a TL vs. GD debate. Probs more than a $15 dollar PM Dawn ticket; I'd easily shell out 20 bucks. But: They both have to wear suits. Glenn has to wear a suit sans shirt, BUT still keep the tie. AND they have to speak at podiums. DCeiver can moderate.

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tom said...

Of all the luck, my suit's at the cleaners. But if it's just that we need to match, I do happen to have a sweat-soaked black mesh shirt handy...