Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Girlfriend

If you were to ask 5-year old me what my favorite record album of all time was, the answer would have been Some Girls. I loved Some Girls, but only because of the album jacket, which was like playing with paper dolls. (The music itself was inconsequential, my heart belonged to Steve Miller and "Abracadabra.") If you were to ask my brother what his favorite album was at the time, he would have replied "anything teethable." Brother version "Toddler" was a biter, dude.

My baby brother just got his heart smashed into tiny little pieces, for the second time in his life. It's hard to comfort someone miles away while trying to watch Robot Chicken. Some girls need time, some girls come back, some girls don't. Some girls are crazy, and some are boring, and some, like that 18 year old dance major he kept longer than was funny, are just plain stupid. This one was a good girl, and man, I will miss her. But bros before nice-ex-girlfriends-you-wish-well.

Anyways, chief: congratulations on breaking up with your longtime on the official Most Depressing Day of the Year. If yr gonna go out, panache it up.


Phil said...

Wow, when I was 5 I was listening to Sesame Street albums, although, when I was 6, I successfully talked my naive aunt into buying me Kiss's "Rock and Roll Over".

Sadly, my parents found it and hid it from me.

the Nabob said...

when I has five, i told my uncle my favorite band was the Talking Heads. It was the only adult band I had ever heard of, but he was still impressed.

The Governess said...

you just liked the thought of burning down your house.

the Nabob said...

the idea of "removing the water at the bottom of the ocean" blew my tiny little mind