Wednesday, January 10, 2007

talocrural joints

1. After reading random Amazon reviews for a few minutes this morning, I have come to sev. conclusions: One, that The Time Traveler's Wife is terribly miscategorized and two, that K. and I are the only women in the world who hated that book.

2. New tool to assist in the years-long TR vs. The G "Battle of the Canadians," (an idea I'm pretty sure Fametracker stole from us): The Huff Post News Ranker.

In my world, Anne Murray always wins.

3. The N. is out of town. This is terrible news for more than just me (must do own dishes) and the dog (must cry himself to sleep at night). It's terrible news for you, internet, as the N. is quite mad recently and has a backlog of 4 or 5 CHERRY blogfodderish-type stories to share.

4. You want to know what are amazing? Ankles. Ankles are amazing. How I manage to not break an ankle once a week, I do not understand.

5. When Zombie books become integrated into yr entire life:
The G: God, that bar sucks. I can't believe people are waiting in line to go suck.
The N: Look, at least they are going into that bar and not a bar you like, leaving the bars you like less crowded.
The G: Oh God, it's like the Rede...
The N: (simultaneously) ...ker Plan for Bars!!!
The G: ...
The N: We have stumbled onto something magnificent here.

6. Why Must I Cry.*

* * *

Writing Club tonight. Please don't make fun of me.

* please to be visting as well. it's his world, get out.

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