Thursday, January 04, 2007

ALMOST AS BIG AS SOaP, not really, but KIND OF

Thursday January 11, 2007
227 Maple Ave
Vienna, VA

"P.M. Dawn is an abbreviation of the idea that in the darkest hour comes the light," says Prince Be in explanation of their name. Children of the decade that made big shoulder pads and greed the latest accessories, they vibed off hip hop, R&B, pop music and rock while always finding solace and joy in music. Because they loved everything, they combined it all together in a big, "alternative" cocktail and laid their first demo to tape.

2007, so far? I think I love you.

["they vibed off hip hop." squeeeeeee!! (! ! ! !)]


T-15 said...

Didn't one of their singers get in hot water for dating children?

And didn't KRS-ONE punch the lead singer in the mouth once, back stage at the VMA's or Source music awards?

Man, I would totally dig a "Behind the Music" epi of PM Dawn.

Who's opening for them?

Arrested Development?
Positive K?
Father MC?

Does anyone know what the hell I am writing about here?

The Governess said...

simmer down, mr. wendell.

T-15 said...

From Da' Netz....

Expectations were high - KRS and other conscious rappers from the "Stop the Violence" movement that he helped start were talking about building a revolutionary black army around hip-hop.

KRS was never able to fulfill that overly ambitious goal. In 1992, as his popularity began to wane, PM Dawn front man Prince B questioned KRS's credibility as a hip hop teacher.

BDP crashed the next PM Dawn show and proceeded to physically remove them from the stage while the crowd chanted "KRS-ONE! KRS-ONE!"

Although this event garnered press and makes for an entertaining story, it left the greater hip-hop community confused about the state of hip-hop and the role of its leaders.

Was KRS really a revolutionary activist, or just a self-centered entertainer concerned about money?