Monday, January 22, 2007

not off the grid. YET.

we keep having power outages here! it's kind of exciting!

things I learned Friday night:

One, I like live shows. Benjy Ferree was good! Merideth was good! I should get out, make an effort, give up on the spider-plant-cultivatin' -sweatpant-donnin'- tv-guide-memorizin' lifestyle choices I have been making lately. All I kind of do is sit around, watch edited-for-time cable features (see "Bone Collector", below) and snack out of whatever crazy invention the N has made in the Crockpot.

But then, Saturday, S. started talking about going into hermitude, and I briefly reconsidered. Man, hermitude has treated me really well lately. And, hell? I have to buy the proper clothes if I want to hang correctly, no? (see sweatpants, above). I don't own tapered jeans? What if I want to be featured on some sort of photo gallery website of cool vaguely-French looking hipsters drinking Spark @ RnR with OH JUST KIDDING!

Three and V.V.V. Imp., if the smoking ban has brought anything to light beyond the careful considertaion of Chantrix packaging design while drinking bottled Bud, it is farts. Farts are relishing in some golden times right now, my friends. People, pleasing stop farting at shows. There is nothing left to cover the stench, and so now it's just the smell of sweat and wool and bleach and old fart. Doormen should be handing out Ass-Don't-Smell in pill form along with your double handstamps.

Four, be careful in Charlottesville, you can get convicted in traffic court if you ride your bicycle in a suspicious manner.

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