Friday, January 19, 2007

never should have stopped reading the "don'ts" in the back of glamour magazine while in line at the grocery store

I had a long and depressing post all about the circle of life and aging and some such shit ready to post, but then I decided I needed a snack first before getting all internet overwrought, so I went to lunch. That was a mistake, my friends.

I caught a glimpse of myself in several plate glass windows. Dammit. Perhaps you saw me too, on K St just a sec ago?

You want to know what happens the first time I epxeriment with the whole tucking-slender-pants-into-boots thing? I pick black pants, and black heeled boots, and a longish black coat. TADA. Instant SS trooper.

I am totally and completely dressed like a Nazi today. Congratulations, me. You are the biggest fucking loser known to mankind. Well played.

oh, and happy birthday, dad.


the Nabob said...

ich dachte, daß Sie, meine kleine Schneeflocke gut schauten.

The Governess said...

you fool no one with your Babelfishing, mein schatz.