Friday, January 05, 2007

the sound and the fire wall

Library related, anyways:

All yr recent talk made me remember a lawsuit my high school librarian was involved in, back 7 or 8 years ago, about Internet software blocking in public libraries/schools. I wasn't living in Loudoun in those days, but I remember it being a big deal. A county resident and breast cancer survivor had almost all of her online research at the county library blocked by "porn filters." I believe the HS librarian became a plaintiff in the case because students were finding the same problems at school; unable to do any online research for health classes.

None of this is all that interesting or groundbreaking. I assume there were cases like this all over the country, although if this occurred in the late '90s, LC may have been one of the first. Also nothing to do with the cease-shelfing of The Sound and the Fury (QUELLE HORREUR), but anyhoos. Ah, memories. Five dollars says the same librarian still works at that school. She was a hoot and a half, and fairly frightening if memory serves. I didn't spend much time in there though. As a jock, it is my duty to give nerds a hard time.


Kanishka said...

As a nerd, it is my duty to inform you that you've become one of us. Sorry. Listen, when the jocks other jocks see you hanging with us and totally start wailing on you, please don't get mad that we run away in fear.

The Governess said...


don't worry, beneath my shiny jock veneer, the world knows. i was always a nerd.

tom said...

Keenest memory of my middle school librarian: our sixth grade orientation trip to the library somehow ended with her sitting on a table, explaining to all of us what it meant when she said she was bisexual. I think she must have confused the looks of blank horror on our faces for confusion about what bisexuality is.

gwadzilla said...

ah yes....

in high school we would dodge the jocks by hiding in the library

oh... the fun we had in the library

two things that brought me great joy in the library-

-we would remove the magnetic strip from a book and tuck it into a person's backpack or jacket...
always good for a laugh

-we would jam the turnstile by reversing it as we walked through
this prevented it from rotating
which had people entering the library to a rude awakening
sometimes the end result had humor of the same level as a football to the groin
especially if it were a football player

now... mind you
some of the big dumb jocks had evolved enough to anticipate such a prank
so they would enter the library and give that turnstile a healthy hip check
freeing the jammed mechanism
sometimes we (and I think I may mean I when I say we) would turn the turnstile around so that it rotated in the opposite direction
then these big dumb jocks would give that hip check to the turnstile and the whole apparatus would move

okay... nevermind
those adolescent pranks are not that funny