Thursday, January 11, 2007

hello, baby

Boundary Street Writers Workshop Mascot: The Fat Victorian Child

Internet kids have already declared teh BSWW a smashing success, and if by "smashing success" you mean "me, drinking lots of Jack Daniels in a corner and trying to persuade all the cute dogs in the room to get in my bag so I could take them home" than yes, success. Correct.

In a nutshell: I made a few nonsensical comments, other people had actual helpful criticisms and input, and I was gently derided for bringing my work neat-n-clean and 1.2 spaced AND IN A MANILA FOLDER, which, face it: was adorable and you all were just jealous you aren't so organized.

So, great fun, etc. And we didn't have to watch Bush, which is a bonus. Who knew the internet harbored some serious writing talent?

Unrelated # 1. Lots of artists use photos/memorabilia of their parents/grandparents/other ancestors in their pieces? Bah. I am terribly vexed by the prospect of having my future offspring use the contents of my Flickr account as part of their four-dimensional-hologram-future-sculpture-whatever-art portoflio pieces. So, thanks a lot for this info, Sommer and Kriston. The moment I get accidentally knocked up, I'm going to have to eradicate all internet traces of myself just to protect future art critics from seeing my drunken dorm years played out via multi-media collage. Cripes.

Additionally, K. Capps and I are in agreement: 2007 marks the glorious phoenix-like return of the PIFFB. Prepare yourself.

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