Thursday, February 15, 2007

this is called a blog entry

Hello. Happy day after valentines day. I got flowers earlier in the week because they are too expensive on the real day. Last night, the N gave me a Gap box with two shirts inside. I am wearing one today. Both are large and long. They will look delightful covering my rather prodigious ass when I attempt to go out in public in skinny jeans (any day now! maybe!) I got the N. dog shampoo and a bucket of peanut butter cups. I am awesome. For dinner, we ate the steaks we got for Christmas (long story, the N's grandfather likes giving frozen meat as gifts? they were delicious though) and drank wine and watched television. The N made me a valentines (here*) and I made him one (imagine a hand-turkey, only red. Construction paper. Yes.) We watched Lost. The N also used some handweights. The end.

* (sasquatch walking my dog and bringing me flowers.)

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